Denis R. O'neill

Author, Screenwriter & Producer
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    Canis Dirus

    “The tale’s biggest strength lies in the sheer amount of breathtaking, heart-stopping action and adventure, which creates a relentlessly paced, adrenaline-inducing thrill ride that will have readers on the edges of their seat until the very end. A riveting page-turner starring prehistoric beasts; Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World in California.” – Kirkus Review

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  • Portfolio | Pandemic Musings - Featured Image

    Pandemic Musings

    One man’s day-by-day reflections on the first year of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    “An intelligent and occasionally caustic survey of recent events.” – Kirkus Review

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  • Portfolio | The River Wild Book - Featured Image

    The River Wild – Book

    It’s a wilderness River that winds for fifty-odd miles through the Lewis & Clark National Forest, often bounded by towering canyon walls. Once you get on it, you can’t get off.”

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  • Whiplash – The Book

    The college class of 1970 was the first to graduate with a diploma and a draft number. This Dartmouth memoir is the story of that momentous time – a senior year of living most dangerously.

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  • A Howl in My Heart

    A fable about the wolves of Yellowstone
    In 1995 Ted Turner (and Turner Pictures) hired me to write an animated screenplay about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone.
    A project sponsored by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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  • Jim & I – Short Stories

    A collection of short stories chronicling twenty years of fishing and friendship. Seven of the stories first appeared in Sports Illustrated, Fly Rod & Reel, and the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine The late James Atlas called the title story “… a masterpiece, a perfect short story in the manner of Ring Lardner.”

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  • The River Wild

    The River Wild was an original screenplay inspired by a six-day rafting trip I took with friends down Montana’s Smith River. It’s a wilderness river that winds through the Lewis & Clark National Forest, and for the most part once you get on it, you can’t get off for fifty-odd miles.

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  • A Shot at Glory

    When a Scottish friend told me about the fierce rivalry between Glasgow’s “Old Firm” – Glasgow Rangers (the Protestant club) and Glasgow Celtic (the Catholic club) – I researched the rivalry on location and came away with the story I wanted to tell.

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  • Portfolio | Music - Only Love


    There’s music in the family tree. My Irish grandmother, Essie Quaid, was a Limerick opera singer who sang with famed Irish tenor John McCormack, and on one occasion with the amateur tenor, James Joyce.

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  • Future Projects

    Hindenburg: A character and history driven story.
    Million Dollar Bass: A heartfelt and humorous father & son, bass fishing adventure .
    Ruined: A Mafia hit. An innocent man. An FBI framing and cover-up. A hero’s journey.

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