Denis R. O'neill

Author, Screenwriter & Producer

Book Cover | Canis Dirus

Canus Dirus

Their bones litter La Brea Tar Pits in numbers greater than any other single species.  They once roamed the mountains of California — deadly predators, cousins to the modern day wolf, only with larger teeth and stronger jaws.  They were dire wolves (canis dirus), and they vanished ten thousand years ago.  That is all but one pack – trapped in a high Sierra cavern.

With genetic linkage to Jaws & Jurassic Park, canis dirus is a beastly thriller set in Yosemite’s spectacular backcountry.   When a 7.2 earthquake opens a fissure to their high Sierra cavern, grotesquely mutated dire wolves once again roam their old hunting grounds.   Panic hits the high country camps over the crowded Fourth of July weekend – compounded by a radical, militia group determined to liberate the park from federal control.

A missing backpacker sets the action in motion.

* It’s up to a beleaguered head Park Ranger to bring an even keel to a search & rescue mission… then try to quell mass hysteria when the initial theory of a rogue mountain lion gives way to the possibility of domestic terrorism… that leads to the discovery that the real danger is a prehistoric nightmare.

He’s joined by:

* His girlfriend – a free spirited, independent soul and renowned rock climber – who works the high country camps and is getting cold feet about their impending wedding…

* A forensic wildlife biologist, who learns through DNA testing the identity of the prehistoric creatures, but keeps it secret in hopes of making the scientific discovery of a lifetime…

* And a legendary Montana predator trapper, who’s brought in to trap the rogue animal… be it bear, or mountain lion, or…

Their assignment:

To oversee the evacuation of the park, overpower the armed-to-the teeth militiamen and slay the beast.
There’s only one problem:  They’re back, and they’re really hungry.

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