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Author, Screenwriter & Producer
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Whiplash – The Book

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  • Author’s LetterGenesis of the book

    At some point in your life – a moment as profound to you as it is statistically unremarkable – you realize that a lot more of your life is in the rear-view mirror… Read more »thumbnail

  • About the Cover Artby Adil Dara

    I mentioned the beer keg and hand grenade imagery to designer Adil Dara. I told him they seemed to me to be quintessential symbols of that tumultuous time…  Read more » thumbnail

  • Photo & Article Gallerya Time Capsule

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Photos and newspaper articles from the year that saw the Vietnam War draft… Read more » thumbnail

  • “Autumn Road Trip”Narrated by Bruce Greenwood

    An chapter excerpt from Denis O’Neill’s new Book “Whiplash” — Narrated by Actor Bruce Greenwood Listen here » thumbnail

Public Radio Interview: On Here & Now

Robin Young Interviews Denis R. O’Neill about his new book

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Reviews — Quick Takes

“A great read you won’t want to put down…”
– Good Reader, Amazon reviews

“A beauty of a book. A rollicking read that will go down as a compelling voice of a generation…”
– HK Luce, Amazon reviews

“O’Neill is a masterful storyteller… (who) takes you from jaw-dropping, I can’t believe those frat-boys did that, to the intensity of the period’s political upheavals on campus and briefly to the swamps of Vietnam.”
– JS, Amazon reviews

“Anyone around in the late 60’s and the Vietnam War should read this…”
– Jake Farley, Amazon reviews

“In this moving and thoughtful book, Denis O’Neill shines a light on a fraught, but largely unexamined moment in recent American history…”
– Bleacher Seat 445, Amazon reviews

“Whiplash is a funny, sad and inspiring story of college students finding their place in a changing world that will encourage all who read it to value their lives and look toward the future…”
– Vanessa Ingram, The Gonzaga (online) Bulletin

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